Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Refreshing strawberry drink

When I said on the previous post that one of the reasons I enjoy a more loose jam is to use the syrup that remains, I meant it.

That is perhaps the most amazing thing about strawberry jam; that viscous, sweet syrup with the condensed strawberry flavor that can perk up anything from a boring cup of yoghurt to a simple pound cake.

One of the best uses for this syrup though is in drinks. Sure, you can use it to intensify the aroma and taste of a strawberry daiquiri or margarita, or you can add a splash to a glass of champagne, but for me, the best thing to use it with, is the simplest thing ever. Water. Plain water, still or sparkling.

With a few ice cubes and a squeeze of lemon that cuts through the sweetness, it’s the best drink ever. The concentrated flavor of the strawberry is guaranteed to make you swoon.

Cold Strawberry Drink

Add to a glass ¼ cup of strawberry syrup, preferably from a homemade strawberry jam, and top it off with still or sparkling cold water. Mix, give it a taste and add more syrup if you like. You can also add a squeeze of lemon or lime, and don’t forget plenty of ice cubes and a straw.



  1. ingenious! we do similar stuff here with amardeen, the apricot paste and it is delicious. cant wait to try it with strawberry jam as well. what a thought, am smiling already.

  2. i just absolutely love this of my favorite things in making edibles that have multiple uses. Your strawberry syrup is a great example of this. So very beautiful and refreshing looking as a drink.

  3. Dear Magda, beautiful pictures and great recipes...MY grandfather came to Romania to study SPIRU TOPI, met my grandmother and he never went back So i am growing uo with all kind of Greek food, but your blog is inspiring me more. Can you tell me how you make two blog in the same time/English/Greek? Is this part of the template? I would really love to have English/Romanian, too...I just put a translate gaget, but is an owful translation,,,,
    Thanks for your writing, i love it, ilibili

    1. Hi Ileana, thanks for you kind words about my blog. I have two different blogs, Greek and English, with a different url, they just share the same design etc. There is no template.