Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Greek eats ΙΙ

As I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after my return to the Netherlands a few days ago, I want to share with you this trip’s Greek eats.

I think I’m going to make it a regular thing here. Every time I go back home to Greece, I’ll share with you dishes I enjoyed there, homemade ones. Dishes made by my mom, my grandma and me. Dishes I love the most, more than any other.

I’ll probably post the recipes for some of these dishes too at some point.

Whitebait (marida / μαρίδα) fried in olive oil with boiled wild greens dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Red mullet (barbounia / μπαρμπούνια) fried in olive oil.

Shrimp saganaki with feta, lots of fresh tomato sauce and flat-leaf parsley; the only kind of parsley in Greek cuisine.

Homemade spiral spanakopita. Eaten within minutes after coming out of the oven.

Baked chicken and potatoes with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs.

Keftedakia (κεφτεδάκια) aka Greek meatballs, veal to be exact. One of my favorite foods of all time.

Hunkiar begiendi (χουνκιάρ μπεγιεντί), cubed veal in tomato sauce over a smoky eggplant purée. Because my mom was born in Constantinople (Istanbul) and this type of cooking is her forte.

Fried veal liver with chopped onion and parsley. My grandma’s cooking has always been the best.

Pork chops.

Spanakorizo (σπανακόρυζο), Greek spinach risotto. Full of iron and creamy—perfection.

Pastitsio (παστίτσιο), baked pasta dish with minced veal and béchamel sauce.

Fava (φάβα) aka Greek yellow split pea purée. My favorite legume dish, served with Greek sardines in olive oil and the roundest, prettiest and tastiest olives I’ve ever had.

Fresh eggs, fresh bread, tomatoes, everything from the village in the North of Euvoia, the island I spent my vacation in.

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, when I’m on vacation that is.

French toast with honey.

Fried eggs.

Koulourakia aka biscuits/cookies.

Cheese and ham pies from the village bakery.

Greek coffee (ελληνικός καφές).

Watermelon and lime sorbet popsicles. Confirming once again that Greek watermelons are the most flavorful in the world.

I brought back with me from Greece these rose-flavored loukoumia (λουκούμια), a traditional Greek confectionary from the island of Syros,

and Greek fig preserves. These are tiny and deliciously syrupy and sweet. S adores them. They’re almost gone already.

That’s it for now. See you soon with photos from Euvoia!


  1. Hi Magda!!!! Apart from the greek coffee and the loukoumia, that could actually have been photographed in a portuguese home. I love the microuli fried sardines or mackerel. Actually, I love it all and you just made me hungry :D

  2. Oh my goodness. Too much deliciousness for one post. I'm speechless, and hungry. And wishing I was in Greece.

  3. What do you mean, that's it?? Haha this is a HUGE and AMAZING feast of amazingness! :)


  4. Wow! These are all so beautiful! Even the coffee looks good to me, and I don't drink coffee! If you are taking requests for the first recipe to post, I vote for the Hünkar Begendi! My mouth started watering as soon as I saw it! - David

  5. Gorgeous pictures (and memories for you, I'm sure)! I tried to search on your site for a Fava recipe, in case you already wrote about it. I'm curious to know how this Greek yellow split pea puree is made and how it differs from the split pea soup I know. It looks amazing!

  6. a wonderful reflection of the greek cuisine , what is there not to like about anything you have posted. love all your posts and instagram moments.

    gourmet goddess

  7. Hi all and thanks for your comments. I'm glad I made you hungry :)

    Katie — I'll post the recipe for fava soon. I haven't had any other type of dish with yellow split peas so I can't really say what's the difference but my recipe is very simple and delicious. Stay tuned!

    1. Thanks Magda! The yellow split pea soup I know is more along the lines of a dhal of sorts. I look forward to your version!

  8. Oooh these posts are making me incredibly happy. I miss Greece so much! I remember my first crunchy bite into μπαρμπούνια was like heaven. Thanks so much for sharing, Magda!

  9. This all looks amazing, but I especially need to find a recipe for the Spanakorizo right away!

  10. What a feast!! Beautiful photos - as always!! I am in Greece now and I just tried the veal & eggplant dish - absolutley delicious!!

  11. These are a few of my favourite things. From fried mullet to pastitso, a feast for everyone.