Friday, January 17, 2014

Inspiration January 2014: Audiovisual

Today, I made this loaf.

I haven’t shared my sources of inspiration in a while, since March 2013 to be exact, so let’s kick it off for 2014.

Minimizing food waste, Copenhagen-style. Impressive idea.

This documentary.

This movie. And this.

This spoke so deeply to me you cannot imagine.

A different kind of dance.

A cappella.

Buttermilk and cream scones.

Little people tasting things for the first time.

I don’t know if this works, but I want to try it.

Cheese soufflé*, from the shepherd to the oven.

Listening to this. And this.

*My own cheese soufflé recipe here, if you’re interested.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Bread looks delish. Recipe?

  2. Dear Magda, I've just read your recipe of Cheese soufflé. Very interesting... Have to try it some day. By the way, it seems that the base is very similar to that one in pastitsio and moussaka. At least, I cook it in this way.

    Thank you very much! You're great, as always :)


  3. Anonymous — coming soon.

    Xenia — the base is indeed similar to the enriched bechamel used in pastitsio and mousaka. Do give the souffle a try. It is delicious! I will make it today myself. :)

  4. I loved all the videos but the David Bowie cover was the one that made my heart melt... Have a great Saturday night!

  5. Magda - always love your inspired posts! About Time is on our list. The empathy piece was so perfect and a good reminder. A very good reminder. Pentatonix was so much fun - they are here in Tucson soon and I am going to try to get tickets. The dance.... it just made me think someone was going to get hurt! Loved the soufflés - and remember that post when it first came out. I want to try sous-vide cooking but am nervous! Thanks for a lovely tour of your mind and heart! ~ David

  6. Κατερίνα — σ' ευχαριστώ!

    David — I had no idea Pentatonix were doing shows. I thought they were just doing it for fun :)

  7. Thanks, Magda. I especially enjoyed the empathy video.

  8. Hi Magda, just a quickie to let you know that your blog is featured on mine for this week (you can check it here:


  9. My goodness, that's a beautiful loaf of bread!