Sunday, May 1, 2022

Tsoureki french toast waffles

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter with your loved ones and have enjoyed some beautiful, savory and sweet treats. Greek Orthodox Easter was only last week so I still have some leftover tsoureki and koulourakia, and had been thinking of ways to use them up.


I came up with this idea just a few days ago; tsoureki french toast waffles. I’ve done tsoureki french toast before, but since I love waffles, I thought, hey, why not just soak the tsoureki as I would normally do for french toast, but instead of frying it, why not toast it in the waffle maker? Much lighter and much quicker to make. Lo and behold, the tsoureki french toast waffle was born, and it was amazing. Of course you could use any other sweet bread you have on hand, like brioche or challah, if you don’t have Greek tsoureki.



Tsoureki french toast waffles

The recipe goes like this.

In a high-sided, shallow dish, add a couple of eggs and whisk well together with about 50 ml whole milk and a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste or extract. Take your tsoureki slices, I use about 7 or 8 but it also depends on how stale/dry your tsoureki is (the dryer the tsoureki, the more liquid it will absorb), cut on the thicker side so it absorbs a bit more of the liquid. Leave the slices in the liquid for a little while to absorb as much as they can, being careful though, because you don’t want the tsoureki to get too soggy or it may fall apart as it is a more delicate bread than say, sourdough. Then place the slices on your preheated waffle iron/maker and toast them.

Enjoy hot/warm with a big spoonful of Greek honey (wild thyme or acorn are my faves). Petimezi (Greek grape molasses), carob molasses or date syrup would work great too.