Friday, November 20, 2009

Food and Drinks 2010

I woke up last Saturday morning with a childlike excitement cause it was food fest day!
Food and Drinks 2010 (Eten en Drinken 2010) to be exact at the Malieveld, a huge park in the middle of The Hague which included a market, different restaurants, workshops and demonstrations.

Well, I don't speak Dutch (yet) so unfortunately the workshops were out of the question but I visited the market which I'm glad to say was full of happy surprises. Stalls with cookbooks, magazines, various kinds of food, coffee, tea, pastries and of course wine. Anyone could sample anything and naturally everyone did. It was a bit chaotic but totally worth the 17,50 euros per person.

I discovered some wonderfully tasty French saucisses and mustard, Spanish sausages, pickles, duck rillettes, jams, chutneys, caviar which of course I didn't sample because it was too expensive for the lady at the stall to just hand out unless you bought a 15gr jar for 300 euros.
But I tasted various tapenades on top of some beautiful rustic bread, many different types of balsamic vinegar and olive oil - unfortunately none of it Greek which was disappointing since Greece has some of the richest and tastier olive oil in the world.
Of course I'm gonna say that. I'm Greek!

I also participated in a French-wine tasting paired with the famous Dutch Beemster cheese, an amazing assortment if I do say so myself. I particularly enjoyed the "pikant", a matured, crumbly, granular cheese which I think would be excellent grated on top of your favorite pasta dish.

I stumbled upon a chocolate stall with the most delicious chocolate in the world, Valrhona (naturally I had to buy at least one) and the most brilliant collection of finger desserts (does this term even exist?).

The most surprising of the discoveries though was the one my boyfriend made. The Shiitake mushroom Beer!! Is that unbelievable or what!? We tasted it and it had a very interesting flavor. Mild and ale-like.

Well, I think it's fair enough to assume that when I got home I had a full stomach and a slightly dizzy head. Wouldn't you?
CAN'T WAIT for the next food fest to come to town!


  1. I have just discovered your blog (very interesting- can't wait to read more) and I must say I agree about the Greek olive oil- it is the best!

  2. Welcome to my blog Vanessa! Isn't it?? :)