Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I've been up to in the kitchen

I have been cooking a lot lately but not blogging much about it.
Bad blogger, bad.

I have been making all kinds of food that worked and made complete gluttons out of S and me and, ehm, some that didn't.

I'll share those that did work because I'm vain and too proud to share with you my kitchen fiascos.
Well, the truth is I just rarely take pictures of the flops.
They annoy the hell out of me.

Greek gemista. My favorite dish, ever. I used to go straight for the stuffed peppers but now I prefer the stuffed tomatoes. People have the right to change opinions and cravings, right?

See the recipe here.

Spanakopita. Spanako-pita. Spa-na-ko-pi-ta. S-p-a-n-a-k-o-p-i-t-a. The majestic.
That's Greek spinach pie to you.

See the recipe here.

Kritharokouloures aka Greek dried barley rusks. Traditional recipe from the island of Crete. By making these, I managed to bring a small part of the island into my little expat kitchen.
My favorite combination: kritharokouloures + kefalograviera (Greek cheese much like Gruyère) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The first time I made chocolate ice cream. A complete success thanks to my ice cream god, David Lebovitz.
S, in between spoonfuls of ice cream, staring at me with disbelief: " are you sure you made this?"
I think he had a death wish.

(I made it again! Check out the recipe)

It was S's birthday last week. I made chocolate truffles to bring to his office for his co-workers. The ones with hagelslag (Dutch for sprinkles) were a huge hit. The Dutch loooove their sprinkles.
(Recipe here)

P.S. Some of the photos were taken with S's iPhone that's why their quality is not the best. (By the way, I can't stand iPhones, I don't get why everybody has one, I had to say it, sorry baby)


  1. No fiasco here - everything here looks AMAZING! You have been seriously busy.

  2. Please post the recipe for the spanakopita!

  3. Those are the most glorious stuffed tomatoes I've every seen.

  4. Lots of deliciousness going on!! I'm loving the stuffed veggies so much!!

  5. Oh, Magda. I should not be reading this before I eat dinner. It all looks too good. I'm quite intrigued by these kritharokouloures and your kritharokouloures + kefalograviera combination.

  6. everything looks delicious - stuffed peppers and spanakopita are regulars in our house. yum! definitely share more about what you've been up to lately :)

  7. I'd like the gemista recipe - I make it as my family's favourite but always interested to see other versions. You've been so busy - love the truffles...gorgeous.

  8. I am drooling now! I'd love to have the recipe for Kritharokouloures. I'm on a baking mood lately, although little of it made it to the blog - it always takes a while for me to blog about experiments.

  9. I don't have an I phone! My low tech phone is from 2006! Yay me!!
    Your dishes look out of this world. (But glad to hear that you, like me, have flops....aren't they annoying!!!!!!) And actually, all the pictures are great!!!

  10. looks amazing magda looking forward to the recipes the tomato and peppers look yummy,the photos are good and i dont have a iphone,but i agree most people have:))

  11. Yassou Magda! Vlepo oti kanis thavmata!! Den kano pote gemista. Den xero na ta kano to rizi panda mou vgeni omo!! Everything looks really yummy, gia ta heria sou Magda! tha ton pahinis ton S!! LOL

  12. Oh wow! Your yemista in particular look amazing!!
    As does the fact it ALL does!!

  13. Now I'm huuuuuuungry. Are you going to share the recipes? Separakalo?!

  14. All your food looks increds! I think you just made all my favorite things in the world, actually. When can I come over?

  15. I agree- looking good! Isn't it great to dare to do your own thing in the kitchen (a lot of people don't!)and create wonderful dishes- a few disasters can't detract from the many successes!
    Just don't tell anyone! (if you can help it)
    I gave an Indian dinner party once and the Basmati rice was trully terrible! Really! Everyone forgave me because the rest was SO good.
    And any criticism you and S have is constructive and necessary for the creation of ultimate masterpieces!
    I love your food!

  16. Those truffles are BEAUTIFUL!!! And David is my ice cream God too... It was so cool to see him at BlogHer Food!! Your ice crea m does look totally professional!


  17. Belinda — thanks. I sure have!

    txurrosytxocolate — I will post it at some point. I promise :)

    Tracy — thank you :)

    Nisrine — it's such a classic Greek dish. I love it.

    Denise — in Greece no one makes kritharokouloures at home. They're widely available and their quality is superb. In Holland though I have to get busy making them myself because I can't find them (of course). They were incredible. I will post the recipe at some point.

    yasmeen — thank you

    Sally — thanks, I will post it. I don't know when exactly but I will :)

    lacafettierarosa — I know what you mean. When I experiment with food, I want to get it just right in order to post in on my blog.

    Nicole — thank you. Of course I have flops! I'm only human :)

    linda — thanks!

    Stelio — κρίμα που δεν σου πετυχαίνουν τα γεμιστά. Θα τα βάλω κάποια στιγμή στο μπλογκ κι ελπίζω να σε βοηθήσει η συνταγή.
    Μπα, δεν έχει ανάγκη :)

    Anna — thank you!

    Christina — yes, I will share all of them at some point.

    Anna A. — sure! :)

    A Dutch Brit — thank you so much :)

    Sues — you got to see him? Lucky girl! I bet you learned a whole lot about blogging and food there. Thanks!

  18. You have been VERY busy, Magda, with all your helpful kitchen tip posts and now a glimpse at recent dishes. Those barley rusks-wow. And the truffles! The Dutch do love their hagelslag! I recall my first boterham met hagelslag, how surprised I was that I actually liked it!

  19. Those stuffed tomatoes look TO. DIE. FOR! So good. And I hate iphones too, you're not the only one; I get so sick of seeing those instamax photos on blogs... but your pictures look great!

  20. I especially love the ice cream. How can you go wrong with ice cream!

  21. I would love the recipe for these rusks. I am a big rusk aficionado, especially with that cheese, looks great; the truffles look fantastic too.

  22. Stuffed tomatoes happen at least once a week in my greek/Italian family's kitchen; making me miss home right now!

  23. I'm a new reader "again" went dormant for a few years but I'm so happy to have found your blog again. I'm such a huge fan of stuffed anything but tomats... how I love them..

  24. Mmm it all looks so good! Can I stop by ;p

  25. i have been looking for a gemista recipe with a decent amount of tomato sauce for AGES. I came across your images from a Google search and they look amazing! Could you please post your recipe or send it to me? I would love to try it.