Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The battle of the mustards

Have I ever told you how tiny my fridge is? It is tiny. It goes well in my tiny kitchen but it doesn't go well with our huge appetites. This fridge is not my friend.

Every time I buy a (small) watermelon from the market, there is always a battle for space. A battle between the watermelon and everything else that is in my fridge. Eggs, cheese, nuts, butter, vegetables, condiments, milk, the occasional bottle of wine or beer and of course these jars of mustard.

I believe I have more than enough for S and me. I actually think I have more than enough for a small army.

When I was little, I used to open the fridge and eat the mustard straight from the jar with a spoon. Everyone thought I was a child with peculiar tastes. Now those same people think I'm an adult with peculiar tastes.
The only difference is that now, I'm not content with one jar. Now I feel like I need at least ten different kinds of the yellow stuff.

At this moment, in my fridge, there are eleven different jars/bottles of mustard. Jars that are occupying precious refrigerator space.

So let me introduce you to,

the French.
Among the best.

The Dutch.
They do mustard really well here.

The English.
Very strong vinegar flavor. Too potent for me.

The American.
Yellow mustard is a classic but this particular one is not.

And then we have... Winnie the Pooh.
Don't ask.

Oh, and let's not forget these. Because who can live without mustard powder or mustard seeds??

And how about you? Do you have a favorite kind of mustard? C'mon, don't leave me hanging. Please tell me I'm not alone in this mustard-crazed world of mine.

P.S. I'll be back at the end of the week with a recipe including... well, you guessed it, mustard.


  1. Fridges are always too small! Mine has the same problem. Sadly!

    I love mustards too. They are great on almost everything!
    But I allow myself to have only 2 pots at a time. It helps the battle of my fridge!

  2. So many mustards! I've only come to love mustard since I've come into my twenties, and now I quite like them all.

  3. I totally understand you! My favorite mustard is german senf: love it with a good bockwurst! Another favorite is the grainy mustard and love the super strong dijon kind of mustard with a preference for Luite freres, Maille is just too mild for me.
    Also the ultimate mustard seed fan item: mostarda (fruit preserved in a mustard seed syrup)! Love it

  4. I do not really know that much about mustard. I like Dijon and I also like the grainy type you seem to have in your spoon on the far right. I haven't tried moutarde violette, but I am intrigued.

  5. Have you ever tried Gentse Tierenteyn Mosterd?
    It's the best mustard ever!

  6. Haha I have a large American side by side- I can assure you a fridge is never big enough!
    We too have a good selection of the 'yellow stuff' (btw I spotted the voilet mustard!)
    I like the stronger stuff, my son loves honey mustard, each of the other mustards have their uses.
    My husband is so funny- he empties a pot "to clear up the fridge a bit".....and I just repenish it with a new one!

  7. I love mustard too. I had never seen purple mustard before, you must tell us more about it. I think I love grainy mustards the most, à l'ancienne. I also like the very strong kind and honey mustard too...well, I guess I just like them all. Looking forward to your recipe. The whole top shelf of my fridge is full of half used condiments that take up way too much space, also because I don't use them half as much as I should.

  8. spécialiste de l'éphémère — only 2 pots? I would suffer from mustard-withdrawal :)

    Sophie Delphis — I rarely find a mustard I don't enjoy myself!

    PolaM — I have to try these mustards you speak of! And that mostarda sounds reaaaaly exciting!

    Denise — that violette moutarde is truly flavorful. Sweet and slightly spicy, you must give it a try if you can find it in San Fransisco.

    Tine — no, I haven't. Thanks for the link!

    A Dutch Brit — I'm jealous of your fridge!
    Haha your husband is too funny.

    Nust about food — it is a French mustard made with red grapes. It has a very unique taste, goes very well with beef.

  9. Amongst the French, I know French people who say that Amora or Savora is the only mustard worht eating; I am happy with maille/ and I like the one with green peppercorns.

  10. I am quite impressed with your collection. Curious to see the recipe coming...

  11. Taste of Beirut — I'm extremely happy with Maille. I love their flavors.

    Tracy — it's nothing extravagant. Simple cooking using mustard as one of the ingredients.

  12. With what do you pair your violette moutarde, Magda?

  13. With beef mainly but I have also paired it with roasted chicken. I recently used it with olive oil and a little honey to dress a green salad. It is quite pungent in its own unique way so it's best used in small amounts.

  14. Terrific collection. I love coarse grain mustards, and I've had it in my mind to make one. I've researched a few recipes, and don't think it would be hard to make. Looking forward to your mustardy post.

  15. I'm not much of a mustard person, but I do admire your collection. You have no German mustard! How come? You should come over at my local weekly market. There is one stall selling mustard and honey. Like, a hundred types of mustard. With several types of wine, strong, sweet, with herbs, you name it...

  16. Nancy — coarse mustards are among the best! I've been meaning to make my own mustard too but have always put it off. One day...

    caffettiera — yeah, I know! Everyone is telling me I should try German mustard. I have been told that the sweet variety, the one that the Germans eat with white sausage, is one of the best. Got to find me some.

  17. Now that's dedication! Especially with a small fridge. I guess if I had to choose, dijon mustard and the coarse grain kind.

  18. I don't remember the brand name but I found only once a habanero infused mustard. It was really good and I haven't been able to find it again since!

  19. I, too, have far too many mustards in my fridge! My favorite is a coarse mustard made with guiness. It's delicious!

  20. O love mustard and have at least 4 different pots in my cupboards. I really love Bavarian mustard.



  21. I LOVE mustard! Can't stand mayonaise, ketchup - but I could put mustard on anything. When I was a kid I would make mustard sandwiches all the time. I went to a winery back in September and they had this really yummy champagne mustard, not sure if it was my favorite, but the sweet champagne flavor was one of the most interesting mustards I've ever tried. Made a nice snack with pretzels :)

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