Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A day in Amsterdam, in pictures

This past week, we have been traveling a lot around the Netherlands and we're planning on traveling even more the next couple of weeks. We'll go as far as Germany and Belgium as well.

We're not going home to Greece just yet. Perhaps in September, or October. We generally choose not to make definite travel plans; we're the kind of people who like to keep their options open.

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam. It's a one-hour drive from The Hague and we always enjoy strolling around the streets of the capital, especially when the weather is good like it's been these past couple of days. As you'll see in the photographs, not a cloud in sight. That was a miracle.

I love the blue-black color of the brick buildings.

The canals look muddy but they're so pretty, no?


De 9 Straatjes. The nine streets. A collective name given to nine busy shopping streets in Amsterdam. You'll find some great stuff here. From vintage tables and trays to Dutch cheese and cupcakes.

Dutch fries.

Typical grub in Holland. Frikandel, kroket and burgers machine. Just add money.

Rainbow flag. One of many around Amsterdam.

This is a rarity around here.

De zon. De maan. The sun. The moon.

See you soon with a recipe. A simple, summery dessert, made for a special occasion.


  1. Lovely city! Everything looks so charming, clean and peaceful!

  2. Beautiful! I have never really wanted to go to Amsterdam before, but your post shows me what I would be missing! I have decpfinitely added it to my list now! Really beautiful photos! ~ David

  3. Loved the sun-dappled pictures!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. They're just a small taste of the always beautiful city!