Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inspiration: March 2013

Inspiration is something so abstract, intangible and elusive; it comes and goes in the blink of an eye; it surprises and excites. For me, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places and I never underestimate its source.

I’m a very visual person and these videos are truly inspiring to me. Music, video, storytelling, animation, food preparation, colors, sounds, motion, voices, textures.

I hope you find something in them that will inspire you as well. Do watch (and listen to) them if you have the time.

Scratch Massive – Paris: Music video.

Sigur Ros – Valtari: Music video, dance.

What if money was no object – Alan Watts: If only…

The known universe – American Museum of Natural History: Fascinating. Puts everything into perspective.

Oscar-nominated Fresh Guacamole, and Western Spaghetti – PES: Food, or something like it. Animation.

Cotton candy making in China: The next time I have cotton candy, I want it to be a flower.

Don’t swim after lunch - Jens Blank: Animation.

Diane Kochilas, Eat Greek, Live well - TEDxAthens Talk: I love Diane Kochilas, a chef and cookbook author. She is a great ambassador of Greek food abroad and truly inspirational.

Beet cake – Tiger in a jar: Food video. And in one word, yum.

Also, I have to share with you three movies I watched recently and really enjoyed: Adam, The Words, The Trip.

PS. To my fellow Greeks, have a good Tsiknopempti tomorrow, and try not to eat too much!

See you soon with a recipe!

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  1. Magad, are these another variety of sardines?

  2. Magda - I love your inspiration posts! So refreshing (the cotton candy) and so elegant (Beet cake? Who knew?) ! The animations may be my favorite, although we all three of the "real" films (was very moved by Adam, frightened by the greed of The Words). Thanks fro all, and the reminder how tiny we are in this great universe... ~ David

  3. Hey Magda,

    I am pleased to pass on an Award to you. Please pick it up from here:)

  4. Magda, so much great stuff you have for us today. Thank you! I just watched the Tiger in A Jar video - beautiful. Now off to watch the Ted Talk.
    Hope you are well!

  5. I loved the videos you suggested! And only yesterday a friend showed me the one with the guacamole! Impressed it was made-out-of-photos video only!