Thursday, April 21, 2016

Greek dakos, my way

A non-recipe recipe. Of Greek dakos.

Traditionally made with large barley rusks and grated beefsteak tomatoes. I had little barley rusks (dakakia/paksimathia) that I made a few days ago and some small plum tomatoes at hand, the sweetest there is, cut in half so their juices run out onto the hearty rusks; feta, —Greek of course, don’t let me hear anything about feta from another country. Would you ever buy Brazilian Roquefort?— crumbled, to get my hands dirty, to feel the food I am about to eat between my fingers; lots and lots of Greek extra virgin olive oil; a good three-four pinches of Greek dried wild oregano; a drizzle of red-wine vinegar for acidity and a touch of sea salt (I only use sea salt in my cooking), just a touch, as proper feta is salty.

That’s all there is to it. The glorious dakos, in a slightly different variation.

Eaten under the sun, on a warm spring day.

Greek dakos, my way

I know some of you will ask for my barley rusk recipe. I won’t share it now, but it’s based on my Greek barley bread recipe.

Yield: enough for one person

4-5 small barley rusks, cut in half
8-9 small plum tomatoes (similar in size to cherry tomatoes), cut in half
100 g feta
4 Tbsp (or more) Greek extra virgin olive oil
½ tsp red-wine vinegar
Greek dried oregano, 3-4 pinches
Sea salt, just a pinch

In a deep plate, add the barley rusks and the tomatoes and seasn with a little salt. Mix well. Crumble the feta on top, the vinegar and drizzle with the olive oil. Add more if you wish. Add the oregano and enjoy.


  1. What a gorgeous dish! I've never had barley rusks, but I'm totally intrigued...


    1. Thank you Sues! Barley rusks are the best. You have to try them. I believe many online Greek shops have them. Unless you can visit Greece :)

  2. Wonderful - and thanks for the reminder about your barley bread!