Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to handle hot chilies

There are chilies that are very hot, so extreme caution is needed when you handle them.

When handling fresh hot chilies (like Thai red chilies for example or these devilish Scotch Bonnets) it is best to wear rubber gloves. Otherwise you need to wash your hands thoroughly after working with them and avoid contact with your eyes, mouth or nose.

Removing the seeds and the inner membranes of the chilies will ensure that they will be less hot when consuming them.

Make sure you know how hot a chili is before adding it to your dish. Otherwise you may ruin it and the taste of the dish may not be what you expected.


  1. Oh boy, yes. My fingers are weirdly sensitive to hot peppers. I've had one HORRIBLE incident where I thought I'd have to head to the ER...and little did I learn b/c two nights ago...I thought I was being careful, and five hours later, tried to go to bed with my hand doused in rubbing alcohol (helps) and holding a ziploc bag of ice. At least this time, it was only one hand.

  2. oh yes. i learned this the hard way when i was young... never again! thanks for spreading the good word :)