Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The loaf

Today, I made the most beautiful loaf of bread.

If it was possible for someone to fall in love with bread, I would be in love with this loaf.

And it's not all looks, it has substance, baby.

Moist, airy, delicious crumb.

Super crispy, caramelized, crunchy crust (all the good 'c' words).

This is sourdough bread. My sourdough bread that I made with my own sourdough starter. Yes. I made a sourdough starter and he's the best (it's a he. I won't tell you his name yet. I'm a bit shy).

Here, accompanied by my new favorite find, the juicy kumato—I'm crazy about its sweet flavor—and a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt flakes.

So, no recipe today, just a blatant display of my bread-baking accomplishments.

I'll be back, talking your ear off again, soon.
Till then!

P.S. I'm currently obsessed with this song. '86 rules.

And don't forget, "it takes guts to be gentle and kind".


  1. It is beautiful, and your tomato...a perfect combination.

  2. This loaf looks perfect! Is there any hope you'll share your secrets?

  3. What a fantastic loaf... and I know what to put tomatoes and salt on my next slice o sour. Good work!

  4. The pictures of that loaf say it all! Oh to eat a slice of that warm out of the oven...

  5. Ok Magda you succeeded to make me crazy about the bread. I am on a diet "off bread" for a week and your loaf drove me crazy it looks f a n t a s t i c!!I NEED the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Denise — thank you!

    Pola M — I'm in research mode right now about sourdough starter and bread in general. I will be sharing more with you when the time comes :) The good thing that came from all of this, is that I demystified sourdough bread-baking, which is a good thing. It's not as difficult as it seems!

    Banana Wonder — thanks!

    Nuts about food — oh yes, that's exactly what I did. Ate a slice of it warm, then waited for S to return from work so we could share it. If I kept on eating it would all be over really soon :)

    Stelio — sorry :) I didn't mean to tempt you like that! I will be sharing the recipe in the future! Stay tuned!

  7. Beautiful bread, Magda. I just got my very first dutch oven and I'm anxious to try a loaf using it. I hear it will give the crust a nice crunchy dark texture. And if that doesn't work, no matter. We're headed to NYC and bread is a no-brainer there.

  8. I agree with you totally. You have made bread that is an edible art piece. Everything about it sings. I have always been hesitant about getting a sourdough starter as the responsibility seems so has to be fed, it has to be nurtured...don't I have enough of that in my life already? Your beautiful bread photos might convince me the next time a friend offers some starter to say yes.

  9. Magda - last night before going to bed I put the finishing touches on my post for Saturday - a no-knead yeast bread! Must be the right timing for homemade bread, and I guess great minds DO think alike! Yous sourdough looks amazing! Brava! ~ David

  10. You certianly did make the most beautiful loaf of bread! Looks absolutely beautiful!

  11. I was just writing (not on my blog, but for some other project) about the simple perfection of a tomato sandwich--and there you are, with that very thing. Brava on such splendid sourdough loaf, starter and all.

  12. Your loaf looks just like the kind of bread I would devour in a couple of hours! I played with sourdough too a few months ago, what the French call "levain" and it was tricky, but fascinating. Will wait to read about your experience with it!

  13. Oh my. I'm droooooling.
    Isn't bread and tomato, the good ones, the best food in the world? Maybe just a drop of best quality olive oil. I'd choose this over ANY cake.

  14. Tracy — bread baked in a Dutch oven is indeed crunchy! That's where I baked this one. NYC huh? I've never been there but I'll take your word for it. Sometimes I don't even realize how far away we live. :)

    Teresa — the starter doesn't need much attention at all. One feeding per week. That's all! Give it a shot; you'll be rewarded with loaves like this one!

    David — I can't wait to read about your no-knead bread!

    Andrea — thank you!

    Nancy — thank you so much!

    Joumana — yes it is kind of tricky, but totally worth it. I'm going to make my second sourdough starter soon, I'm going for a whole-wheat one this time.

    lacaffettierarosa — yes they are!!

  15. Oh Magda, I think I can smell that wonderful bread of yours. Sourdough is in my list of things I want to learn to make. I mean I know the process but then I think I will forget feeding it.