Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love the color green. It calms me, much like blue calms others.

It always catches my eye, everywhere. Especially in nature.

Holland is a very green country, filled with greens of every hue, especially during spring and summer.

Still, I managed to find the brightest green not during the most "green" months of the year but in late February, in the woods, in The Hague.

Greener than green.

A park filled with green-toed giants.

I will be sharing with you a soup featuring the color green, soon.

In the meantime, stay green, and I don't mean with envy.


to see the beauty that is honey,

hear the sound of reindeer,

see the work of a Greek photographer,

and hear the song I've been listening to again and again and again lately.

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  1. green does for you what electric blue seems to be doing for me at the moment..... usually i'm a red kinda gal........ for the love of colour!

  2. for me, march is totally green :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your inspirations... I needed that this morning as I sit and try to find something about which to write. Green is an amazing color and here, in the Southwest U.S., it is not a color we take for granted. Daily I am surrounded by green but not the green of your Nederländish moss, nor the green of leafy oak and maple trees. It is a green of peace and solace (for me) - a silvery, sagey green that others may see as brown. When I think of this color, I can almost smell it, as I can smell the desert after the rain. Now, on to write something... ~ David

  4. Lovely, lovely greens. The softest greens are in the forest and are mossy colors. This is a perfect Sunday afternoon post to read. Thanks.

  5. Green is so soothing I agree, I tried to get a green theme going in my study as I thought it would help me write! :)

  6. love those "green toed giants"
    I also love the stark contrast of mossy spring greens against the dull brown of winter--positively glows.

  7. I like your green. Now, to head out and find some of my own.

  8. Green is a happy color to me. It is always full of possibilites, like planting something and watching it grow.