Thursday, April 18, 2013

The simple things

Sometimes I need to be reminded of the simple things; to stop and let the sun shine on my face, be alert, not let any chance pass me by, be in the moment, not think too much, enjoy the successes and not sweat the failures, taste food that is simple and unadorned and so flavorful it almost hurts.

I was planning on posting something else today. I almost hit ‘publish’ when I suddenly got so hungry I jumped up from my desk and landed in my kitchen, in front of the stove, heating up water to poach eggs. Me, eggs. I rarely eat eggs yet today I found myself craving them. The simple things…

Not a lot in my fridge, haven’t had the chance to go grocery shopping but felt like I didn’t need a lot anyway. Bread—two days old but still perfect for toasting—and butter would be enough to accompany my eggs that were now swirling around in the hot water all naked and exposed. Careful…

Salt, black pepper. Lunch.

The simple things...

I’ll be back soon. ‘Til then, let the sun shine on your face.

Poached Eggs on Buttered Toast

Yield: lunch for 1

2 eggs (I used small but go large if you prefer)
2 slices of whole wheat bread (or any other type of bread you like)
Black pepper, freshly ground

Read here on how to poach eggs.

Toast the bread, generously butter the slices and place the poached eggs on top. Season with salt and pepper. Eat. Enjoy!


  1. This is beautiful and delicious looking simplicity. Not so simple for me, though. I'm just terrible at poaching eggs. Yours look perfect.

  2. Those are some crazy orange yolks! Now you got me wondering what you were about to publish?

  3. Denise — perhaps you can give it another try. It's not very difficult.

    Anna — yes, I know! I love that color. Hmm, you'll find out tomorrow :)

  4. I don't eat eggs, but your photos made me want to go buy some and poach them and eat them on some kaak. Life is beautiful.

  5. There is nothing better to me than poached eggs on buttered toast. Comfort. Mom. Butter. Egg. And the photos just ooze off my computer screen onto my desk! How do you DO that? :) ~ David

  6. Love the creamy yolks! Those are some perfectly poached eggs!