Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cake (or brownie) and Greek yoghurt trifles with freeze-dried raspberries and chocolate

So what do you do when you have gloriously fucked up a cake that you so lovingly prepared and it ended up sticking to the pan so badly that when you finally managed to take it out, it only came out in a gazillion, unappetizing pieces? Do you throw it away, do you eat it as is, ignoring its awful appearance, or do you make something else out of it?

This is what happened to me the other day when I made a marble bundt cake. I recently bought a new bundt pan which I naively thought it was going to be like my other bundt pans that are trustworthy and cooperative and only need buttering, but no, this one was different, it required special treatment which I didn’t offer; it needed flouring as well!

So it took revenge on me by making my beautiful cake stick to all its nooks and crannies. At first, being angry at the pan, the cake and myself, I thought of tossing the cake, but then reason prevailed and realized I could repurpose it. After some very kind people on instagram gave their genius ideas, I was inspired to make cake pops (which I took to my friend’s house for whom I made the cake in the first place) and with the rest of the cake I made these trifles for us.

Layers of cocoa-vanilla marble cake, Greek yoghurt with some freeze-dried raspberry powder swirled through it and chocolate shavings. Best.Save.Ever. Because accidents can, after all, turn out to be the most delicious things in the world, and if you too have any kind of cake or brownie that you messed up, yet it still tastes delicious, do make these trifles. You won’t regret it. And by the way, they would make the cutest, festive, individual desserts for the upcoming holidays.

Marble cake (or brownie) and Greek yoghurt individual trifles with freeze-dried raspberries and chocolate

I finally found freeze-dried fruit (raspberries and strawberries) after I’ve been searching form them for ages at my local super-market of all places and I couldn’t wait to use them! They worked perfectly in this trifle but if you can’t get them, use fresh raspberries or pomegranate seeds between the layers to give sharpness and texture.
Freeze-dried fruit are pure fruit, without any additives, and they are like crispy meringues in texture and become powder when ground/crumbled.

I used marble cake (cocoa-vanilla) for this but you can use any cake or brownies (homemade or otherwise).

Yield: 4 individual servings / 4 glasses of 200ml-capacity

3-4 thick cake slices (or 3 brownies), some in small pieces, some crumbled
500 g full-fat Greek yoghurt, drained of any excess liquid
3 Tbsp icing sugar
3-4 freeze-dried raspberries, powdered (you can do this easily by rubbing them between your hands)
Dark chocolate shavings (55-60% cocoa solids)

Mix the icing sugar into the yoghurt. Swirl in most of the freeze-dried raspberry powder, leaving some for topping the trifles. Give it a taste. It should be sweet but still tangy, to create the flavor contrast with the sweet cake. Add more sugar if it’s too tangy for your taste.
Cover the bottom of each glass with a layer of cake/brownie, top with yoghurt (you could add some chocolate shavings here if you’re a chocoholic), then add another layer of cake/brownie and finally a layer of yoghurt. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings and some extra raspberry powder. If you don’t have freeze-dried raspberries, you could add some fresh raspberries or pomegranate seeds between the layers to add sharpness.

They are best served the day you make them but they keep well in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap for a day.


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