Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Meringues with strawberries, crème fraîche and chamomile syrup

Dutch strawberries are divine, a word I don’t normally use to describe anything, let alone fruit, but there is no other word to accurately describe them. I am amazed each and every year by how beautiful their flavor is and those perfectly ripe, juicy ones are unforgettable and you want their taste to last for hours, much like the first kisses with someone you really like.

I wanted to incorporate them in a dessert but nothing that would mask, overwhelm or hide their flavor, so this unassuming yet scrumptious dessert came to life.

Meringues, crème fraîche, strawberries, mint leaves and a chamomile and lemon syrup. Subtle flavors, floral, fruity, aromatic.

While the crackly meringue that’s marshmallowy and chewy inside and crispy outside is quite sweet, the crème fraîche comes in to bring balance with its tanginess. The juicy, slightly tart and sweet strawberries lend their freshness and the chamomile syrup ties everything together with a gentle, calming yet intensely aromatic hug with hints of acidic lemon. Topping it off with a few leaves of bright mint that are not there as a garnish but a true flavor addition, completes the dessert.

It’s a great dessert to close a dinner with friends or to enjoy with your significant other.

Meringues with strawberries, crème fraîche and chamomile syrup

These meringues are large individual ones; that’s how we like them, voluptuous and plump. For some, perhaps, they may be too much for one serving, so unless you share it, then you may want to make them a bit smaller.

The chamomile syrup, which is not thick, would also work perfectly in cocktails and sorbets.

Yield: 5 generous servings


for the meringues
See recipe here (make sure to read the whole post for tips on how to successfully make them)

for the chamomile syrup
200 g granulated white sugar
250 g water
Zest of 1 lemon (in strips, not grated)
4 tsp dried chamomile flowers

to serve
About 200 g crème fraîche
Fresh strawberries
Small fresh mint leaves


for the meringues
See recipe here and make sure to read the whole post for tips on how to successfully make these meringues.

for the chamomile syrup
You can make it 4-5 days ahead.
In a small saucepan, add sugar, water and lemon zest, and place over a high heat, stirring continuously until the sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil and remove immediately from the heat. Add the chamomile and stir. Put the lid on and let the syrup infuse for 1 hour. Then, pass the syrup through a fine sieve and into a clean bowl and discard the chamomile.
Allow the syrup to cool completely.
Keep it in the fridge, tightly covered. It keeps for a month.

Place the meringues on individual serving plates. Crush the centers with the back of a spoon and top them with a good dollop of crème fraîche. Arrange a few strawberries on top, halved if they are big.
Drizzle with 2 Tbsp of the chamomile syrup or more to taste. Add a few very small mint leaves and enjoy immediately!


  1. So beautiful and fresh - the photos are beautiful!

    1. Thank you my friend for always having something sweet to say. Thank you David.