Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Watermelon, feta and sumac salad

I made this salad the other day, actually on my Name Day, on a whim, after inhaling the sweet aroma of a freshly cut watermelon and wanting to eat it right then and there but not on its own. Yes, it was my Name Day, and one would assume that dinner would have been something fancy yet this, this was all I was craving and wanted.


Fresh, crisp watermelon dripping with pink-reddish juices, salty feta, fiery red onion, exotic, zingy lime juice, rich, smooth extra virgin olive oil, bright, fresh mint and a beautiful little concoction of sea salt crystals rubbed together with some ground, lemony and tart sumac sprinkled over the whole salad.

Had it with some Cretan barley paksimadia and was as happy as I could ever be with my Name Day dinner. 




Watermelon, feta and sumac salad

Feel free to make this salad your own by adding ingredients you have on hand and prefer. I would also go for some olives, especially green ones which I love, or capers, and surely, a few ripe, cherry tomatoes would be great here too.

 No amounts given because salad. Do your thing.



Watermelon, juicy and crisp, freshly cut

Feta, Greek of course, gently cut with your fingers into small pieces

Red onion, thinly sliced

Lime juice, freshly squeezed

Extra virgin olive oil, Greek of course

Fresh mint leaves, picked and torn

Sea salt crystals, I use Maldon

Ground sumac



Take a large platter and arrange the watermelon pieces. Squeeze some lime juice over the fruit, to enhance the sweet flavor and scatter the onions around. Add the feta. Drizzle with olive oil. Rub together in a small bowl the salt and sumac, and sprinkle it generously over the top. Add more sumac if needed and finish with the mint.

Enjoy immediately.



  1. Thanks for this refreshing recipe. And happy name day! I am in Aidipsos, seeing the smoke from Limni - I hope you and family are OK.

    1. Hi Alexandra. Thanks for asking. My uncle's summer house is in Kourkouloi where the fire was burning for many hours but thankfully it didn't reach the village, only the surrounding forest. It is so terrible what has been happening! I;m terribly sad and shaken by everything. Hope you are safe!

  2. Way behind in commenting, but I did manage to get some sumac and make this before melon season was over. Such a refreshing salad with locally-grown sweet watermelon, local feta, and mint from our garden! Hope you are all well!

    1. So happy to hear this David! I'm glad you liked it. Local feta?? May I say, hmmmmm?? hahaha :)
      PS Please come to Greece someday!!

    2. We have a goat farm that makes really amazing goat milk feta - no, it isn't Greek feta but I believe that most of what we see here for Greek feta isn't as good as what you can get in Greece!

      I really do want to come to Greece - are you back in Greece now? Or still in the Netherlands?

      I am so glad I figured out that your posts were going to spam. Makes me mad that I missed them!