Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sparkling elderflower drink

So now that you’ve made your own homemade elderflower cordial, or you just happen to have a commercial bottle of the stuff in your fridge, let’s make the simplest, most delicious and refreshing elderflower drinks.

No fancy ingredients needed nor mixologist degrees. You just take your elderflower cordial and mix it with sparkling water, or tonic if you prefer, and the all-important ice cubes.

You can make it a bit more interesting by adding a splash of lime juice or a few chopped up berries, but you know what? I don’t think it needs it.


It’s the most rejuvenating, sweet, non-alcoholic drink that is perfect for summertime.

Now, if you insist on making an alcoholic version, who am I to stop you? Instead of sparkling water you can add sparkling wine, or even gin and a good splash of lemon juice.

Go on, make yourself one, and enjoy!



Sparkling elderflower drink

The ratio I propose is not too sweet so you may want to play around to find your own preferred level of sweetness for your drink. Also, if you are using commercial cordial, beware that it tends to be sweeter than the homemade one.


for 1 drink


5 Tbsp (75 ml) elderflower cordial

13 Tbsp (4/5 cup / 195 ml) sparkling water

Large ice cubes



Pour cordial and sparkling water in a glass and stir with a spoon. Add ice cubes and enjoy!


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